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Instagram king Dan Blizerian is a well-known American poker player that managed to earn most of his fortune by playing professional poker. Dan Blizerian did not make it on the top list of the world’s best professional poker players, but he is definitely one of the most famous poker players in the world due to his lavish lifestyle and his social media presence. Currently, his net worth is $100 million as of December 2013 and his success doesn’t stop here. With over 16 million social media fans, the number adds up with around 20 000 (followers) per day.

How did Dan Blizerian Get rich?

After a career in military service, Blizerian learned to play poker at the University of Florida, funded by a $6000 per month disability allowance. He started his poker career when he was broke using his financial situation as a motivator. Dan Blizerian managed to build up his $100 million worth net starting from $750 – amount that he quickly transformed into $10 000 and then into $170 000 by playing poker in LA. At the age of 27, he was discovered by the high stakes poker crowd in 2007.

Mesmerised by his luxurious lifestyle, a lot of people are curious about how did Dan Blizerian get rich. In an interview with Howard Stern for the ‘’Howard Stern Show’’, the social media king and professional poker player stated that he started to play poker at a time when this game was not so popular and the stakes weren’t very high.

Add some good games, some rich talented professional poker players at his table and his success was guaranteed. Dan Blizerian also stated that the highest amount he lost during a poker game is 3.6 million dollars – but that’s not a big deal taking in consideration that his earnings in 2014 were over 50 million dollars earned just by playing poker. Dan Blizerian prefers to play poker with billionaires in high roller games than to play with celebrities, because they lack courage and don’t gamble as much. For anyone who wants to start playing professional poker, Dan Blizerian’s best tip is to not do it because one can lose the understanding of money value and the lows are not worthing the effort.

Dan Blizerian Poker Winnings

Despite the stir on the internet, it’s not hard to believe that Dan Blizerian’s poker winnings are real, considering that he only plays with very rich poker players and for multi-million dollar pots.
Back in the days, when he was still learning poker at the University of Florida, Dan Blizerian was earning around $90 000 per week.
In December 2013, professional poker player Dan Blizerian announced on his twitter account that he has won a $10.8 million in one session of poker.
In 2014, he stated during a Howard Stern Show that he has won over $50 million in poker winnings in the last 12 months.

In 2016, Dan Blizerian lost a ‘’few million’’ by playing poker but he will try to recover the amount by winning a rowing bet – the same that brought him 1 million in earnings last year with the hedge fund manager Bill Perkins.
Today, Dan Blizerian is the social media poker king with millions of fans and a glamorous lifestyle obtained with the help of hard work, focus, a bit of luck and a lot of relaxing trips after the big games.

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