Poker Rules – Poker Etiquette 101

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If you’re a poker enthusiast or a professional poker player, you need to know the basic poker rules and basic poker etiquette rules before playing at the felt table. These poker rules ensure a fair and smooth poker game regardless of the type of poker being played. Keep in mind that most of these rules are in place in order to avoid providing certain players with an unfair advantage when playing online poker or playing at an offline casino.

Poker Rules – Don’t talk about cards

One of the most important poker rules is that you should never talk about your cards after folding while the game is still going. Once you folded your hand avoid telling the table details about your hand or giving them information regarding your cards. Certain players can use this information to their advantage and it can ultimately ruin the game for everyone.

Poker Rules – Always wait your turn

While you might be tempted to place your bet, raise or fold before it’s your turn to do so, you should avoid doing it until it’s your turn to make a decision. Same as the above, taking action before it’s your turn to do so can provide your opponents with valuable information. Not to mention the fact that if you make a particularly large bet before it’s your turn, players to the right of you might fold without placing their blind first – this can lead to losses to other players and make the game less enjoyable for everyone involved.

Poker Rules – Don’t show your cards before the showdown

You should never show your cards before the showdown, even if you fold. The reason behind this poker rule is that other players will gain an unfair advantage regarding the cards that are still in play. This can potentially chance the way the rest of the hand plays out and it’s definitely not fair to the other players.

Poker Rules – Pot splashing

Pot splashing is when a player simply tosses his bet in the centre of the main pot. This makes it extremely difficult for the dealer to actually count your bet amount and could potentially lead to a re-count of all bets made previously. Simply stacking your chips in front of you is the way to go – let the dealer handle the rest.

Poker Rules – Pay attention

You should always pay attention to the table when playing a poker hand – keep the game moving and don’t stall the game for personal phone calls or private conversations. If you need more time to think about your poker hand or your decision, just ask for more time but otherwise you should avoid activities such as texting, reading the news or checking your e-mail while in-game.

Poker Rules – Don’t be rude

If you’re having a losing streak or a winning streak, there’s no reason to be mean or rude to the other players or to dealer. This sort of behaviour won’t win you any friends, only trouble – it can get you kicked out of the casino or banned from the online poker room. Keep in mind that poker is meant to be pleasurable and all players have the right to enjoy it.

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