How to Play Poker – Worst Poker Starting Hands

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Before you go down to your favourite poker room to play a few hands you need to be aware that poker is not only a game of skill and chance but it’s also a game of maths and statistics. Reading more about the worst poker starting hands or the best poker starting hands can be a real asset – memorizing these poker hands and their respective rank can help you make difficult choices much quicker when playing at the felt table. All players should touch up as much as possible on theory before applying for a no deposit bonus or registering with a poker site – it could make the difference between a winning or losing streak.

How to Play Poker – Mediocre Poker Starting Hands

K-Q-J plus low card, unsuited

These are not really good cards and you shouldn’t really play them unless you’re the big blind and you can see the flop for free. When suited these cards have a slightly higher chance of winning but other than that the chances of taking the pot are quite low.

6-3, 8-5, 8-4, 7-4

These cards are definitely not winners – you’ll lose 90% of the time when playing these. Even if you get a pair going, your opponents will most likely have a better hand. Sometimes it’s best to simply stay away.


While this poker starting hand has a certain ring to it, it’s not really that good if you’re planning to win the pot. Statistically speaking, you have a very high chance of losing even if you do manage to get a pair or a straight. That being said, it does depend on the flop and your poker opponents.

How to Play Poker – Bad Poker Starting Hands


Doyle Brunson, a professional poker player won two WSOP bracelets with this hand, but it’s far from a hand worth playing. You can’t create a straight with it and any pairs you might get will be too small for a win.

4-9, 3-9, 2-9

Same as above but with a smaller pair possibility – having a pair of 9s is far from a win as you can still lose to a pair of aces, kings, queens, jacks or tens.


This starting poker hand offers the possibility of a straight but not a very good one at that. Any player with a six and a seven will beat your straight and even if you get a flush, the six makes it a very expensive hand to play. Around 90% of the time you’ll lose when playing this hand – beware.

How to Play Poker – Worst Poker Starting Hands

7-3 and 8-3

With the 3 in this poker starting hand you’ll have a slight advantage over the next two poker starting hands but by all means both of these are as lousy as they come. You can’t make a straight with 8-3 and 7-3 is bad regardless of other aspects such as your poker position.


Having an eight as a high card is by all means the perfect road to failure. Suited or not, this is the second worst poker starting hand in the game.


Seven and two off suit is the worst poker starting hand in the game – these are the lowest cards which cannot be used to make a straight. When and if you’re able to make a flush it will be a very costly flush because of the low value of your kicker card. The only possible way you could realistically win the pot is with two pairs – if you can see the pot for free go for it, if not, fold is gold.

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