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Knowing your best poker starting hands can either make or break your poker night but knowing the your poker hand odds and especially the worst poker hand odds can be a real life saver at the felt table. If you already learned how to play poker and the basic poker rules, this is a great read which will help you know when to push more aggressively and when to quiet down your betting sprees. If it seems too much to take in, you can simply copy the poker hand odds below into a chart and keep it by your side when you want to play online poker. That being said, these are some of the best poker hand odds in the game so you should definitely do some aggressive betting if your poker position allows it.

Good Poker Hand Odds

King-Jack suited – 17.1%

Having a king and a jack suited is a pretty good hand with a decent chance to win. This hand will win around 17.1% of hands, with a 2.4% chance of a tie. The same hand unsuited will have a much lower chance of winning, just 13.1%.

Ace-Jack suited – 17.5%

The odds of this poker hand are slightly higher than that of the hand above – 17.5% chance of winning any given round, which could be enough to allow for some considerate betting pre-flop. The tie odd is a bit higher at 2.5%.

King-Queen suited – 18.1%

Having a king and a queen suited could make for a very profitable poker round – this hand has a 18.1% chance of winning and a 2.1% chance of a tie. Interestingly enough, having the same hand off suit will lower the chance of winning to about 14%.

Great Poker Hand Odds

Ace-Queen suited – 18.7%

Ace and Queen suited is a great poker hand with pretty good odds – your chances of winning any given game with this hand are about 18.7% with a 2.2% chance of a tie.

Pair of Jacks – 19.1%

Starting off with a pair of jacks is a huge advantage – most players will win the pot 19.1% of the time. The tie chance is very low for this poker starting hand, just 0.9%.

Ace King Suited – 20.2%

We are already moving into the highest poker hand odds in the game – Ace and King suited has a 20.2% chance of winning any poker game, regardless of your poker position. The tie chance is pretty low as well, just 1.9%. This hand is well worth playing.

Best Poker Hand Odds

Pair of Queens – 22%

A pair of queens is definitely one of the strongest starting poker hands in Texas Holdem – this hand has a 22% win rate in any given game and a small tie chance of just 0.8%.

Pair of Kings – 26%

The second strongest starting hand in Texas Holdem has a whopping 26% chance of winning in any given round. The tie chance of 0.6% allows for some aggressive pre-flop betting regardless of your poker position.

Pair of Aces – 31%

With pocket aces in your hand you will win 31% of the time – this is the best poker hand odds you can get while playing Texas Holdem. The tie chance is also the smallest in the game at just 0.5%.

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