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Just for bettors – The benefits of Poker

December 16, 2016 Posted in How to play poker by No Comments

While poker players are sometimes looked down upon for different reasons, many people are not familiar with the benefits that stem from playing poker or other casino games. Playing poker can actually be very beneficial for players and the rewards are practically endless. There is not just one single benefit to be had because all players act differently and all players need to improve different things related to their emotional maturity, critical thinking or social skills. All in all, poker is a great way to improve any of these and more – let’s get down to our list of five awesome benefits of poker!


Benefits of Poker – It will improve your math skills

It’s true that poker is a game of chance, but it’s also a game of math. Fine tuning your math skills can make a huge difference at the felt table since you’ll likely use it to calculate different pot odds, or to figure out which are the best poker hand odds. You’ll also have to figure out your ROI – eg the amount you could win by “calling” versus the amount you would have to risk in order to do so. You will have to estimate your chances of winning, your opponent’s chances of winning, the amount of money being risked and the potential rewards of it all. Lady luck may be the queen of Poker, but Math is definitely King in all games, either tournaments or cash games.


Benefits of Poker – Strategy is Key

Players will also learn to fine tune their poker strategy in order to reap bigger rewards from their games. Using any piece of information to your advantage is the key to winning pots and maintaining a positive balance after a night of gambling. In the same time, players need to focus inwards in order to maintain a profitable poker strategy – this is often easier than focusing on the other players. You will have to maintain a mix of different strategies and use them wisely in order to make your poker hand less recognizable through the amount of betting you make, bluffing and other dead-giveaways. All of these poker skills can be learned and transferred to the real world as well.


Benefits of Poker – Maintaining your Bankroll

When playing poker, you’ll also have to properly maintain your bankroll and make decisions with a positive ROI in order to keep yourself in the game. Quick decisions, good strategy picks, estimates on ROI and profit are all part of the game. That being said, being an entrepreneur is very similar to playing poker and all individuals who desire to own a business can benefit from these skills greatly.


Benefits of Poker – Social skills

When playing poker, you will most likely have to face different types of opponents and different types of poker players. You will need to recognize these players and maintain a proper strategy in order to win against them. You’ll also be able to sniff out a bluff or an opponent with very good cards – these aspects of poker are often overlooked but they are crucial. Needless to say, these skills in recognizing different types of players will benefit you greatly in the real world.


Benefits of Poker – Coping with Stress

The best way to learn to handle stress is to be exposed to low doses of stress regularly. Poker can often be stressful but the good news is that once you get the hang of it, you’ll be stress-free in other aspects of your life as well. Think about it, you are learning how to cope with stress in a controlled environment of your choice and making a profit as well – how good is that?

Texas Hold em Poker Rules

December 15, 2016 Posted in How to play poker by No Comments

Before starting to play at the felt table, you need to learn the basic Texas Hold em poker rules in order to ensure you have a proper chance of winning and having a good time. Although there are many types of poker games being played in casinos and online casinos, Texas hold em is currently the most popular poker game in the world. The game dates from the early 1900s and it was first played in Robstown, Texas.

In Texas Hold em, players must use their two pocket cards or hole cards and the total of five community cards to create the best possible poker hand. After taking in these poker rules, head on over to a few no deposit poker sites and start practicing your gameplay.

Texas Hold em Poker Rules: Blinds

The first step to playing Texas Holdem is placing the blinds. One player to the left of the dealer must place the small blind and the other player must place the big blind. These blinds are obligatory bets for two players – they are called “blinds” because it’s a blind bet and they haven’t received their pocket cards. Other players are not required to place blinds at this point.

Texas Hold em Poker Rules: Preflop Round

During the preflop round all players will receive two cards which are called hole cards or their “starting hand”. Once all players received their two cards, each player will decide if they want to continue their hand or not. If they wish to continue playing, they must place bets equal to the big blind. The first player to choose is the player who placed the small blind. Players are also allowed to raise at this point – you can increase the bet by putting more money than the big blind. If your cards are not that good, you can opt to fold your hand and wait for better cards next round. Once every player placed the same amount of chips or folded, all the bets are moved to the table’s centre and the second round can begin.

Texas Hold em Poker Rules: Flop Round

During the flop round, the dealer will place three community cards faced up on the table. Once the community cards are placed, another round of betting takes place. Players are allowed to either check, raise or fold their hand, depending on their pocket cards or hole cards. The round of betting begins with the small blind player – he must decide first. By checking, the player does not bet anything and he doesn’t fold either. On the other hand, if he does decide to bet, he must place the chips in front of him and all players are required to follow suit in order to remain in the game. Players are also allowed to raise or re-raise in no limit texas holdem poker games. Once all players have placed the same bet on the table, the turn can begin.

Texas Hold em Poker Rules: Turn Round

During the turn round of the game, the dealer will reveal another community card – this means you will have six total cards to combine and create your pair. With another card on the table it’s a good idea to weigh your current hand and compare it with the best possible hand with the revealed cards. The betting round is done in the same way as previously and once everyone placed their bets or folded the final river round can begin.

Texas Hold em Poker Rules: River Round

During the river round another community card is revealed by the dealer. This is the last opportunity to make your best poker hand with the total seven available cards. The betting round is played the same as above.

Texas Hold em Poker Rules: Showdown

After all the bets are placed, the showdown begins. All remaining players are required to show their hands and the dealer will determine the highest poker hand. The full pot is then awarded to the winner, as opposed to other types of poker where the pot may be split. Other types of poker games have different rules and the pots may be split differently but Texas Hold em is a winner-gets-all type of game.

Six Must-Read Poker Books by Professional Poker Players and Poker Coches

December 14, 2016 Posted in Best Poker Players, How to play poker by No Comments

If you are thinking of becoming a professional poker player or just improve your skills at poker, then you should know that it takes a lot of time and skills to master the art of this game.

To help you out, here is a list of top 6 poker books wrote by famous professional poker players or poker coaches who don’t mind sharing their secrets and strategies of becoming the best at poker and of course, the key to their success.

If you enjoy reading, these books will help you improve your poker game and offer you a better understanding of poker strategy tactics you should use.

#6 Gus Hansen’s ‘’Every Hand Revealed’’

Gus Hansen is a Danish professional poker player and a former tennis champion. Gus won three World Poker Tour open titles, a Poker Superstar Invitation Tournament and the Aussie Million main event title. He was voted one of the People’s magazine sexiest men in 2004. In this book, the professional poker player describes the most important hands he played during Aussie Million World Poker Tour tournament, where he played against 747 adversaries and won $1.2 million. This poker book offers a unique perspective over the thought processes during a high – stakes tournament.


#5 David Sklansky’s ‘’Theory of Poker’’

David Sklansky is an American professional poker player and a famous poker author, with many publications. He won three World Series of Poker bracelets and the Poker by the Book Invitation in 2004. Also, he managed to win over $1.350.000 in live tournaments. In ‘’Theory of Poker’’ he is revealing the fundamental theory of poker by showing the readers how the gambling strategies and poker concepts can and should influence the game’s outcome and the player’s action.


#4 Jared Tandler’s ‘’The Mental Game of Poker’’

Jared Tandler is not a professional poker player, but he is a licenced mental health counselor and performance coach who mentors some of the best players in the world. His book offers first-rate mental game strategies to deal with tilt, eliminate fear, improve focus and perform under pressure. This book will help you regain your emotional control and motivation during a poker game.


#3 Victoria Coren’s ‘’For Richer for Poorer: A Love Affair with Poker’’

Victoria Coren is an English professional poker player, a presenter and a talented writer. In her autobiographical book ‘’For Richer for Poorer: A Love Affair with Poker’’, she shares her deepest insights about winning and losing at poker. In this book, you can follow the story of a poker revolution spiced with original characters, a lot of wit and passion for the game.


#2 Doyle Brunson’s ‘’Super System: A Course in Power Poker’’

Doyle Brunson is an American professional poker player with over 50 years of experience in the game. He is known as the first player who won $1 million in poker tournaments, he was included in Hall of Fame and he managed to win 10 World Series of Poker bracelets in his career. Bluff Magazine named him as ‘’the most influential force in the world of poker’’ in 2006. No wonder he is the author of several poker publications. His book ’’Super System: A Course in Power Poker’’ describes various strategies in poker games and offers valuable tips over emotion control, competition and motivation. Other professional poker players like Mike Caro, Chip Reese, and David Skalnsky contributed with sections dedicated to poker strategies.


#1 Alton Hardin’s ‘’ Essential Poker Math: Fundamental No Limit Hold’em Mathematics You Need to Know’’

Alton Hardin is another poker coach that made it on our list due to his 2015 best seller ’’ Essential Poker Math: Fundamental No Limit Hold’em Mathematics You Need to Know’’. He is an IT professional, a business man and the founder of MicroGrinder Poker School. With over 10,000 students, Alton teaches beginners and professional poker players to use simple mathematics at the poker table to increase their winnings and eliminate the ‘’guessing game’’.


Mark Wahlberg’s “The Gambler”

December 13, 2016 Posted in Uncategorized by No Comments

You may know Mark Wahlberg as the executive producer of Entourage, a popular HBO comedy drama or from one of his roles in Hollywood productions as ‘’Planet of the Apes’’, ‘’Ted’’, ‘’The Fighter’’ and many others. In his early career, Mark Wahlberg, known as Marky Mark was a rap singer, releasing the albums ‘’Music for the People’’ and ‘’You Gotta Believe’’. With a sports and a restaurant franchise, we can definitely say he is not afraid of career transitions and he manages to succeed in every project that he gets involved.

Mark Wahlberg’s The Gambler

In ‘’The Gambler’’, Mark Wahlberg plays the role of a university professor with a gambling addiction and a unique perspective over the world. To prepare for this role, Whalberg wanted to experience the gambling world for a better understanding of his character. During a trip to Macau, he chose Wynn casino to gamble. After hitting blackjack three times he headed for roulette wheel and bet $45K on a single spin. Mark left away with nothing in winnings, just like his character.

Recently, he started to make his appearance in the poker world and we can’t help wondering if he is going to share the character’s ‘’have it all or nothing’’ vision.
In an interview with USA Today to promote the release of his movie ‘’The Gambler’’, Mark Wahlberg declared that he has a good poker face and he only likes to gamble at things he knows he can win.

Mark Wahlberg – Celebrity Poker Player

Mark Wahlberg likes to play No Limit Hold’em, but for the moment he didn’t manage to win the big pot or to earn a name in the poker world. However, his foundation The Mark Walberg Youth Foundation recently organised a poker tournament in order to raise money for the greater mission of improving the ‘’quality of life for the inner city youth’’. The celebrity poker tournament was organised earlier this year, on May the 17th in the Tewksbury Country Club, where the cast of ‘’Whalburgers’’- a reality television series, could be seen playing cards for a greater cause. The prizes include a World of Series Poker Seat, an Indian Scout motorcycle and luxury vacations. The celebrity tournament became one episode of the ‘’Whalburgers’’ reality show aired on the July, 20, 2016.

Can this be the start of a successful poker career for Mark Whalberg? We can wait and see, but the odds are that Mark will succeed like always.

Professional Poker Player – Dan Blizerian

Instagram king Dan Blizerian is a well-known American poker player that managed to earn most of his fortune by playing professional poker. Dan Blizerian did not make it on the top list of the world’s best professional poker players, but he is definitely one of the most famous poker players in the world due to his lavish lifestyle and his social media presence. Currently, his net worth is $100 million as of December 2013 and his success doesn’t stop here. With over 16 million social media fans, the number adds up with around 20 000 (followers) per day.

How did Dan Blizerian Get rich?

After a career in military service, Blizerian learned to play poker at the University of Florida, funded by a $6000 per month disability allowance. He started his poker career when he was broke using his financial situation as a motivator. Dan Blizerian managed to build up his $100 million worth net starting from $750 – amount that he quickly transformed into $10 000 and then into $170 000 by playing poker in LA. At the age of 27, he was discovered by the high stakes poker crowd in 2007.

Mesmerised by his luxurious lifestyle, a lot of people are curious about how did Dan Blizerian get rich. In an interview with Howard Stern for the ‘’Howard Stern Show’’, the social media king and professional poker player stated that he started to play poker at a time when this game was not so popular and the stakes weren’t very high.

Add some good games, some rich talented professional poker players at his table and his success was guaranteed. Dan Blizerian also stated that the highest amount he lost during a poker game is 3.6 million dollars – but that’s not a big deal taking in consideration that his earnings in 2014 were over 50 million dollars earned just by playing poker. Dan Blizerian prefers to play poker with billionaires in high roller games than to play with celebrities, because they lack courage and don’t gamble as much. For anyone who wants to start playing professional poker, Dan Blizerian’s best tip is to not do it because one can lose the understanding of money value and the lows are not worthing the effort.

Dan Blizerian Poker Winnings

Despite the stir on the internet, it’s not hard to believe that Dan Blizerian’s poker winnings are real, considering that he only plays with very rich poker players and for multi-million dollar pots.
Back in the days, when he was still learning poker at the University of Florida, Dan Blizerian was earning around $90 000 per week.
In December 2013, professional poker player Dan Blizerian announced on his twitter account that he has won a $10.8 million in one session of poker.
In 2014, he stated during a Howard Stern Show that he has won over $50 million in poker winnings in the last 12 months.

In 2016, Dan Blizerian lost a ‘’few million’’ by playing poker but he will try to recover the amount by winning a rowing bet – the same that brought him 1 million in earnings last year with the hedge fund manager Bill Perkins.
Today, Dan Blizerian is the social media poker king with millions of fans and a glamorous lifestyle obtained with the help of hard work, focus, a bit of luck and a lot of relaxing trips after the big games.