How to Learn Poker – Five Simple Ways

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If you want to learn how to play poker, you must turn to some worthwhile materials in order to fine tune your poker strategy, read some poker tips and learn the basic concepts behind the game. Most professional poker players would suggest the 30:70 principle where you’ll spend 30% of the time playing and 70% learning. Different players have different learning habits so these figures can be changed to better suit your style and personality. Every new player should spend at least 20% of the time learning how to play poker and 80% of the time playing. So where can you begin learning poker?

How to Learn Poker – Poker Books

Although not as popular as they used to be, poker books by professional poker players remain a great asset when learning poker. Most advanced poker players will own at least a few poker strategy books while others can have up to a dozen. The good thing about poker books is the fact that it’s a one time investment, as opposed to other types of learning. If you’re a book person, it’s a great way to expand your knowledge whenever and wherever. That being said, certain players may consider books rather out dated, which is partly true. Keep in mind that the rules of poker haven’t changed for hundreds of years and old school poker players may be less inclined to provide video training sessions or poker tips on websites.

How to Learn Poker – Poker Night

Most poker players rely on poker nights with their friends in order to speed up their poker learning. This is a great way to try out new tactics and improve your gameplay. Not only that, but having supportive friends and discussing tactics and hands is a real asset regardless – you won’t find any good poker tips when playing in a casino. Your opponents are not likely to give you any good advice.

How to Learn Poker – Poker Videos

If you want to learn poker fast, poker training sites are a great choice. These sites use videos to teach poker strategy, different concepts with interactive examples.  Poker videos are actually one of the most popular ways to learn poker simply because they tend to be more interactive and relatively easy to use. Another aspect is that poker videos tend to integrate entertainment with poker learning, making them much easier to go through. Many of these poker training videos are made by professional poker players – you can even find some free videos but most of them are up for purchase. Twitch is also a great asset since you can find plenty of poker players playing for real money during live streams.

How to Learn Poker – No Deposit Bonus Sites

Since we covered the theory parts, it’s time to get down to practice. No deposit bonus sites are a great way to apply your newly found strategies and tactics. Playing with play money is not the same thing as playing for real money and no deposit bonus sites are the best way to see how you fare against different types of players. Simply register at a website such as 888 poker and start playing!

How to Learn Poker – Poker Coaches

Getting some poker coaching can be a good idea, if you can find the right poker coach for you. Some players believe that poker coaching is simply not worth the money – it’s actually one of the best ways for advanced poker players to improve their gameplay and poker skills in certain situations such as cash games, tournaments, small stakes grinding, etc. Each coach has a certain specialization and certain skills – find the ones you need and study up.

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