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While poker players are sometimes looked down upon for different reasons, many people are not familiar with the benefits that stem from playing poker or other casino games. Playing poker can actually be very beneficial for players and the rewards are practically endless. There is not just one single benefit to be had because all players act differently and all players need to improve different things related to their emotional maturity, critical thinking or social skills. All in all, poker is a great way to improve any of these and more – let’s get down to our list of five awesome benefits of poker!


Benefits of Poker – It will improve your math skills

It’s true that poker is a game of chance, but it’s also a game of math. Fine tuning your math skills can make a huge difference at the felt table since you’ll likely use it to calculate different pot odds, or to figure out which are the best poker hand odds. You’ll also have to figure out your ROI – eg the amount you could win by “calling” versus the amount you would have to risk in order to do so. You will have to estimate your chances of winning, your opponent’s chances of winning, the amount of money being risked and the potential rewards of it all. Lady luck may be the queen of Poker, but Math is definitely King in all games, either tournaments or cash games.


Benefits of Poker – Strategy is Key

Players will also learn to fine tune their poker strategy in order to reap bigger rewards from their games. Using any piece of information to your advantage is the key to winning pots and maintaining a positive balance after a night of gambling. In the same time, players need to focus inwards in order to maintain a profitable poker strategy – this is often easier than focusing on the other players. You will have to maintain a mix of different strategies and use them wisely in order to make your poker hand less recognizable through the amount of betting you make, bluffing and other dead-giveaways. All of these poker skills can be learned and transferred to the real world as well.


Benefits of Poker – Maintaining your Bankroll

When playing poker, you’ll also have to properly maintain your bankroll and make decisions with a positive ROI in order to keep yourself in the game. Quick decisions, good strategy picks, estimates on ROI and profit are all part of the game. That being said, being an entrepreneur is very similar to playing poker and all individuals who desire to own a business can benefit from these skills greatly.


Benefits of Poker – Social skills

When playing poker, you will most likely have to face different types of opponents and different types of poker players. You will need to recognize these players and maintain a proper strategy in order to win against them. You’ll also be able to sniff out a bluff or an opponent with very good cards – these aspects of poker are often overlooked but they are crucial. Needless to say, these skills in recognizing different types of players will benefit you greatly in the real world.


Benefits of Poker – Coping with Stress

The best way to learn to handle stress is to be exposed to low doses of stress regularly. Poker can often be stressful but the good news is that once you get the hang of it, you’ll be stress-free in other aspects of your life as well. Think about it, you are learning how to cope with stress in a controlled environment of your choice and making a profit as well – how good is that?

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